Elliott Wave 5.0 "Reboot"

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Best Wishes For 2016!

                        First of all I would like to wish all my visitors the very best for 2016!

My computer problems are still with me but I had to do a complete wipe several times. While I was at it I also spent the time to do a DOD standard wipe which I have never done before. Once that finished , I loaded the latest OX El Capitan at the same time. All my data, music,pictures and wave counts all were on external drives but my Time Machine backup was too old to use.

 My email still needs major work as all of my settings went up in a puff of electronic smoke.   I hope to make some headway into getting my system up and running more smoothly again. It seems to be that one of my main printer/scanner devices was having a serious issue and as soon as it was disconnected, my reboots were fine. I will be spending most of my time this weekend working on my system to get it running better but hope to have a few updates posted by Sunday.

This US dollar is the cause of gold's problems, but this is also a do or die situation for the US dollar. 
I can still get too many wave counting options but if my "E" wave crash is still in play then I would not want to see the US dollar travel above my "B" wave top in Minuette degree. The US dollar would have to turn and head south with gusto. 

I show a wave 1-2 count and this would also be my last and largest degree wave 1-2 that I would need for the "C" wave to complete. 

I will still update oil, DJIA,SP500 and gold in the next few days.