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Monday, December 21, 2015

DJIA Daily Chart Review: Is The Crash Going To Continue?

The impulse type wave count I did have is not totally dead, just yet, but last week we had some wild moves that do not follow the impulse rules.   Any "C" wave decline can do this as part of an "E" wave crash.  The bottom would have to drop out in the next few days, but then we should see a bottom with another three wave crash.  This would be a setup for another stock bullish run that could soar to new highs yet again. 

Until this market can show me some pure impulse waves and not this choppy shit we have been having, then the odds are always high that just a correction is being played out. 

Any attempt at a pure 5 waves down in Minor degree has been trashed at this time, which kills any attempt by the big degree wave counters to get their 5 waves down in Primary degree.  Even the first set of 5 waves down in Minor degree will not fit into 5 waves of a Primary degree because it would be far too long for the first wave in Primary degree.  The majority of the time when any impulse does form, the first wave 1-2 will be the shortest wave. We may see a few small bumps where Intermediate degree waves should be but chances are extremely thin that Minor degree wave will show up in any part of the first wave 1-2 in Primary degree. 

Besides, if the DJIA decline ends up with an "E" wave bottom, just before the next solar cycle bottom,  then we will never see 5 waves down in Primary degree. I am just about certain at this time we will see 5 waves up in Primary degree long before we will ever see 5 waves down in Primary degree. All SC and GCS degree wave counters need the 5 waves down in Primary degree to confirm their wave counts, yet it has never happened in the last 15 years.  Not a single set of 5 waves down in Primary degree has happened yet two sets of them happen within three years during 1929-1932 bear market.

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