Elliott Wave 5.0 "Reboot"

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Important US Dollar 2015 Elliott Wave Count Review

After todays Janet Yellen's induced wild ride, the US dollar just loved it, as it rallied. Gold went nuts in both directions and so did oil, but not as wild as gold. In the end the commodities paid for any rate hike the fed has done. Stocks also loved the rate hike as they added on another leg. 

There now is the potential for a "B" wave top in the process of completing. Sure, this run can carry on and then we have our 5th wave completing, but one should never ignore a wave count that can turn south on us at anytime. The spike in the rally has a very steep angle so this is another reason we could be in a mini "C" wave bullish phase.   

Any potential "E" wave crash, could take the US dollar down to the 92 price level after which it could crank up one more time in a 5th wave "thrust".  Any triangle will automatically force us into a higher degree ending, after which the entire structure would come crashing down once again. 

If we look into just the recent 2015 US dollar past, we can see that it has crashed about 4-5 times already so one more time sure can happen, and it will happen when we least expect it to happen. 

If all things work out, then we should end up with 3 major bottoms labeled (A, C, E).