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Friday, January 29, 2016

Canadian Dollar Crash And Bear Trap Review

The crash of our Canadian dollar fits in perfectly with the crash of crude oil. For now I am going to give the CAD the basic wave count as oil in which we should see  "E" wave bull market in the coming next few years. I no longer have access to the consensus bullish report, but I can comment on the last reading I did have. This reading hit a low of 6% for several days in a row, which is the most extreme reading I personally have read about.  

The CAD has already come of a major bottom of about 68 cents and is pushing 71  cents at this time. 

I would expect lots of back filling and wild corrective moves, especially if we are starting out as another diagonal wave. Until our CAD makes some very disturbing inverted patterns I would remain bullish at least in the short term.  If this "ABC" Crash is true, then in the longer term our CAD should retrace 100% of its crash. 

I have hundreds of these types of scans posted and I cut and paste them together. They are strictly for a laugh and entertainment  purposes.