Elliott Wave 5.0 "Reboot"

Saturday, February 20, 2016

SP500 Daily Chart Elliott Wave Count Review: 2014-2016

I am looking back to October 2014 with this potential wave count, but looked for the "B" wave to contain a triangle. Since the 2014 bottom we have also seen another two major bottoms within the last month or so. Both with beautiful spikes to the downside combine these with the other spikes to the downside this can all point to a turning that may have much further to go if not clear up and away to new record highs.  

This has nothing to do with the economy or some mysteries increase in company earnings, but because people react emotionally to things with no logical explanation. Traders or nimble investors will jump out of one direction and pile in the other direction if they feel they can profit. 

Last weeks bullish consensus report showed that the SP500 hit a 24 month low of 45% bulls, from a high reading of 70% bulls. This is nothing folks as we need far better extreme numbers than that to be more certain, in what will happen next. It sure can drive back up to the 70% level, but until I can renew my report, we will not know when and if this number gets hit. 

Donors have been very generous lately, but until I build up more funds, I will not renew the subscription at this time. 

We have gaps above us and we have gaps below us in this chart, but the ones below us may stay open if we are heading much higher in stocks.  

Monday we will hit the full moon, so those days have been bullish turning times in the past. 
Last week I turned on the labels and started applying them for the first time. Click on them should show you similar pages with the same basic topic.  It should be easier for search engines to pick them up as well.  I'm no tech wizard guru as I would have to go back to school to understand SEO but it is very important that it gets worked on and I can only work on it one small step at a time.