Elliott Wave 5.0 "Reboot"

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

E-Mini SP500 Intraday Bull Market Chart Review: Another Upside Breakout!

March is still the most active month and I think it will stop trading closer to the third Friday of March. After that it will be important to switch to the next month, which skips to  June 2016.  

All the indices have different patterns and the cash contracts  do not trade overnight and are useless in augmenting any Forex SP500 units. The specific months do move and I can update them at all hours if I had too. 

So far the markets have created one upside breakout after another which is what needs to happen in an impulse.  Even though we can have a high degree of confidence that a zigzag has completed, it really does not get fully confirmed until it gets retraced by a move 100% or more. 

Since the February 11th bottom, every "ABC" crash has been retracted by a reversal and then pushed higher. 

We are not at the 1/2 point of this bull market as we may need one or two more smaller degree 1-2 waves to complete. Once they do then progressive larger and larger degree 4th waves must end up completing, until we are at a point of a Minute degree 4th wave.  Then the last 5th wave in this sequence should show us progressively smaller and smaller degree 4th waves, until I run out of degrees and then this bull market will collapse. 

This description is pretty standard and I apply the same thinking to any degree I may be working in. 

Of course, any part of this can fail if my impulse scenario is not realistic. Hopefully we can spot it before it starts to fail, which will be the tricky part.  I think we will get diagonal waves and triangles and maybe even an ending diagonal before we reach another major top.