Elliott Wave 5.0 "Reboot"

Thursday, March 3, 2016

E-Mini SP500 Intraday Bull Market Review

The danger of this market being a "C" wave bull market is starting to subside, but a correction could happen on Friday with the jobs report. This will be important to see if the impulse wave count holds together.  A true impulse would still have much further to travel.  My 1-2 waves are getting smaller and smaller in their degrees after which they will run out and even disappear. 

Once that happens then all the 3-4-5 waves will appear in ever increasing degree levels until I match the wave 1 in Minute degree.  If I label any pattern higher than the Minute degree within this run, then I have abandoned sequential wave counting and have thrown the EWP out the window. 

So far this rally has been a very vertical move, and in the long run it can't be maintained as eventually it must succumb to another attack of the SC and GSC bears. There are some good corrections in this run, which can give it more life than many expect.