Elliott Wave 5.0 "Reboot"

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mini DJIA Intraday Bull Market Review: Still Charging Higher!

The markets didn't want anything to do with a correction and continued higher. This now looks like an extension. A spike just recently formed which are all the buy stops from the bears getting hit.  

The only people that are making money are the trading houses as that type of spike I call the  "Stop Sweeper". This is just like the casino house skimming off the top from all players.  

I am down at the Micro degree and smaller, so eventually I will run out of degrees or they will be impossible to see correctly and this run would come to another ending.  Even after all that finishes we still should get another wave three peak  and another bigger correction.  

This last wave 4 would be the correction to a Subminuette degree wave three and if the 4th wave contains a triangle then this party will come to another end. 

I am sure the SC and GSC degree wave counters are scratching their heads in dreaming up yet another bearish wave count, but in fact we have been  in a bullish run that the high degree wave counters never imagined could happen. In the end all they have to do is create some "WXY" magic and their wave counts will be adjusted. They can keep doing this for years or even decades, while they force the SC and GSC degree bullshit down our throats. 

I already spent a decade counting out SC and GSC degree wave counts and everytime I reviewed it, it made less and less sense. My hunt and all my work is just to find the correct Cycle degree impulse, everything else is irrelevant, and out of sequence.  Without finding all the Cycle degree turnings you will "never ever" find, SC or GSC degree wave patterns.