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Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fool's Day Gold Crash Intraday Review

Even gold itself has a sense of humor as it displayed a blatant rejection of the contrarian bullish idea that gold is going higher. Others are probably in a panic to get out as sell stops got slammed on the way down.  As we can see this move showed us one pattern that can help us in telling us that this was just a "C" wave nose dive which we are witnessing on a very small scale. 

I would not want to see more downside as  this "C" waves crash has hit $2012 already. There is very little room to spare. 

I'm looking at gold's bigger pattern as a potential endigaonal  which can cause dramatic shifts in direction, but the general trend should still be up! 

I have been faithfully adding labels to all my important posts, and since I have started, close to 200 pages all contain labels. I have over 4000 pages that all  still need labels, but I still want to build a bigger database before I tackle that job. 

The problem is that this blogger software does not want to transfer the full range of them to this list on the sidebar. 

In ratio talk, I have created about 69 labels, with only 41 being transferred to the sidebar list. This is a huge discrepancy  and should not happen. I will continue to track it down to see if I can find the problem, but it is very time consuming.   

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