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Saturday, April 2, 2016

DJIA 2000-2016 Review

Once I realized that the triangle pattern wave count was harder and harder to keep I had to switch back  to my diagonal 5th wave again. From the 2009 bottom we would have a diagonal 5th wave in Primary degree and 5th waves are hardly every pure, clean impulse wave like what we would like to see. 

Nobody has really experienced a diagonal 5th wave before, so nobody has really enhanced the rules. Elliott Wave is no longer about advancing the science of the pattern, but most are just using it for mindless trade setups. 

It might take weeks for readers to read this post and by the time they do it's too late.  The next best solution would be a Tweet, and even then we would need a warning before the trade setup is ready for any trade setup to be effective.  I will always try and get as close to a turning as I can and where these turnings force all players to reverse positions. 

You may be convinced by others that SC and GSC degree wave counts are real and are here now!  I doubt this very much and I could just about write a book showing you all the places where and why these huge degrees constantly fail. 

I look at the markets as one giant Impulse wave that must be drawn in such fashion to display the extension of wave three not wave 5. 5th waves only extend in the last degree before the end. 

The bottom of the 1987 crash is where the 5th wave started to really extend, and those extensions were not formed perfectly.  Minor degree 5th wave.   I would love to see a free fall this summer, but that may be wishful thinking, so we have to be on the alert side to spot an "ABC" correction before its time. 

Even though a small ending diagonal will be completing,  this may just be a warning for a bit bigger correction yet to come. 

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