Elliott Wave 5.0 "Reboot"

Monday, April 11, 2016

EURO Daily Chart Review

If gold was on a secular run than the EURO would also join in as it has followed gold many times in the past. But this is not really what is happening as the EURO would have to catch up to gold in a dramatic fashion. 

In fact the EURO looks more like it is still in a bearish rally as the rally has some major impulse issues. (There are none) Only choppy diagonal waves seemed to dominate the EURO wave patterns since March 2015.  Well over 13 months ago.   The rally from the December 2015 bottom fits into an ending diagonal very well, so these are ominous signs that this bullish phase will end, at least on a short term basis.  

I would like to see the EURO reach one more newer high, clearing my "A" wave top in Minute degree. This could happen with a wild spike to the upside which are very hard to catch as they can happen extremely fast. 

Either way there still should be more upside in the short term.  Commercial traders are still net long with the EURO but they are adding to their short positions which is bearish. Of course the speculators are doing the very opposite as they are the trend chasers and will eventually get into a bull trap.