Elliott Wave 5.0 "Reboot"

Sunday, August 13, 2017

DJIA Record High Cycle Degree Top And Impending Bear Market

I may start posting again from time to time, but I can't promise any consistantancy. Mostly I will focus on the larger degree charts in Cycle degree with commentary about Supercycle degree.

In the last few weeks the DJIA has been on a vertical move that can't continue, yet many in the mainstream media think it's a good time to get into the markets!

A third of the Millennials surveyed think it's a good time to get into the markets. Obviously they have ignored stock market history and are caught up in the bullish stories that the mainstream media is so good at hyping.

When they proclaim that it's a good time to get into the stock market, it usually starts to crash. Even in 1929 the guru's of the day talked about stocks being on a "permanent high".

The majority can never win at this game because it is mathematically impossible for the majority to make money from each other. 
Insider selling hit another peak in May of 2017, yet the retail investors were buying in!  Most of the big tech company insiders are long gone from this market. Insider selling is public information, but the majority will choose to ignore those fundamentals. All they care about is that their investments keep going up. 

Some say to be ready for a 1000 point drop in the DOW!  Folks, any 1000 point drop would just act like a mild bee sting, which would barely wake up the bears! I'm looking for a Cycle degree wave 3 top, not some mythical SC or GSC degree top. No expert wave analysts have ever confirmed any wave count in SC or GSC degree, even though they had two tries since the 2000 top. 

The public has been brainwashed with the simple 20% decline for a bear market, but what if there is a 70% crash sending the DOW to 8000 or 7000?  Any huge degree bear market could take until 2021 to  play out. This 2020-2021 time period is when solar cycle #24 will end and solar cycle #25 starts. 

The start of a new solar cycle will terminate any bearish wave positions and conventional bearish opinions alike, as the solar cycles do not discriminate. It will not matter if we are Black, Polar, Panda, Stock or Elliott Wave bears at that time, solar cycle #25 will terminate our opinions, and send stocks the opposite way. 

Travelling up solar cycle #25 could give us a 5 or 8 year bull market that very few people will understand let alone take advantage of. It could take until 2029 to play out and this would be the time period when Cycle degree wave 5, and SC degree wave 3 ends.